What happens when a mascara-fixated, vodka-tasting, chocoholic, handbag-fanatic, fashionista, big-city, single woman in her 40’s, who’s dated everyone in the Tri-State area finds… a small lump in her breast? That’s the question that makes my humorous, yet poignant memoir powerful.

Why Buy a Wig…When You Can Buy Diamonds! is for everyone who would never read a cancer book. It is more than just a story of my breast cancer survival; it’s my story of a reinvented woman who didn’t give up, and resolves to learn and grow from the unexpected “pink bubble” experience.

This is not a woe-is-me tale—It’s an energetic and completely captivating story of my single life and dating, jewelry, best-friends, sex and wigs, nausea and causes, work travails, food… and, yes, cancer. It is also an incredibly moving story of what I inherit from my parents and how I shape it into the stuff of my own life.

No aspect of cancer goes unexamined in this story from diagnosis and survival to advocacy. This journey will take you through not only the mutant cell division, but also what it means to be a woman, a real woman– one who will always triumph while wearing spectacular diamonds.

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