The Trouble with Cancer Research Today



February is Cancer Prevention Month, but did you know the National Cancer Institute spends only 2 percent of its funding on prevention and early detection?  Whoa. According to radiologist, Margarte I.Cuomo, M.D., “We can do better.”

The war on cancer is 42 years old. Sometimes I think we have been fighting the wrong battle this whole time. Dr. Cuomo feels our cancer culture has not been dedicated to the one path that is certain to save lives and money: prevention. According to Cuomo, “It’s not a matter of increasing funding; it’s about redirecting resources.”  She feels scientists should be focusing energy and attention on vaccines for cancer.

Dr. Cuomo feels we should exercise, eat healthier, and get more vitamin D.  She also feels we should advocate for nutrition changes in schools, and tell companies you want toxins removed from their products. Amen, sista!

If we all raise our voices together, we can make a change. Now that’s a Shining Moment!

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