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Image: linkedin.com Geez Louise! Remember, we are America the Beautiful and Home of the Brave!! I read this quote and wanted to share it with all of you. Peace, love and diamonds!   No matter what, we always have the … Continue reading

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  Image: townandcountrymagazine.com If ever there were motivation to write & receive snail-mail! The @oscardelarenta #usps #stamps are magical for this girl! Thank you to the @uspostalservice for commemorating #oscardelarenta ‘s legacy. #mail #oldschool #joy #beautiful  

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Image: yelp.com Next week is going to be a super busy, super intense week. I have a humongo project that I am eagerly (and – truth be told – a little nervously) preparing for.  So this weekend, I’m focusing on … Continue reading

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