Sweet Heart Candy


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Who doesn’t love sweetheart candy, right? I remember freaking out when a boy in my third-grade class gave me one pink candy that said, “BE MINE.” I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. Later, I found out that he gave another little girl (Jessica) in my classroom a yellow candy that said, “KISS ME.” Boy, oh boy, talk about drama occurring in an elementary school classroom!

Did you know the early treats-with-a-message had a candy shell with a paper note inside (like a fortune cookie)? Yuppers. These convections served as ice breakers for adult events, such as parties and weddings. They have changed (big time) over the years. In fact, nowadays, we can all eat our (emoji) hearts out.

A sampler of Sweethearts sentiments through the years.

1800s: Courtly and poetic

  • May I see you home after the circus?
  • Please send a lock of hair by return mail
  • Your lips are like a rose

1900s: Bossy and definitive

  • Be Mine
  • Kiss Me
  • Marry Me
  • The One I Love

1950s: Rock-and-roll pet names

  • Hep Cat
  • Hot Dawg
  • Sugar Pie
  • Yak Yak

1990s: Snarky Sweetness

  • 1-800-Cupid
  • As If
  • Fax Me
  • Let’s Do Lunch

2016:  Tech Talk

  • #Love
  • Holla
  • TXT Me
  • Sweet Tweet


The classic flavors-like the much missed wintergreen, banana, and cherry are returning this year! Woo hoo! Hey, they may spark a vivid sense memory of a childhood crush who was crazy 4 u


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