Spanx: It’s Time


As I approach the magical age of 50, I’ve noticed that my body isn’t quite what it used to be. Yes, I have a few lines around my face (I prefer to call them laugh lines), my stomach has expanded (slightly), and I just can’t seem to find my waist, EVER. What happened to my body? I guess with age, comes change. Although I’ve been standing in front of my freezer now for years to cool off (don’t ask) and blow my hair dry with the window wide open, I’ve come to accept the fact that it’s time for SPANX (sigh).

So, I’ve been trying on many styles and have found the perfect fit. There. I said it. The perfect fit. I’ve come to realize that wearing too-tight undergarments is no way to live! I usually feel like a sausage in shapewear, however the Spanx’s lightweight Trust Your Thinstincts Short has strategically placed paneling that smooths without cutting off my circulation. You can find them on for $58.

Trust me, you will have an “aha” Spanx moment once you try them on.

*The picture shown is inside out so you can see where all the magic happens!


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