Radiation-A-Glo-Go Party

I think every month should be Breast Cancer Awareness month, not just the month of October. Ever since my diagnosis, I’ve decided to shine, both on the inside and outside.  I realized that if I hadn’t performed my monthly self-exam, gotten a mammogram and followed both by an ultrasound, I could have easily walked around not knowing this slow growing disease could be taking my life.

So, I wanted to continue to spread the word with all of my dazzling diamond friends, family, doctors and colleagues.  Getting the word out about EARLY DETECTION is so important.  What better way to spread the word and thank everyone who helped me with a big blow out party; right?

And, so with the help of my friends, the Radiation-A-Glo-Go party was created.

The party was held at Marathon Restaurant in downtown Philadelphia on the second floor. The bartenders were so gracious when I asked if I could replace the regular drink menu with my own version of evening cocktails. My “Drink for the Cure” menu really rocked the house.

My friend Kristen’s husband, Mike D’Ercole created retro posters, napkins and the drink menus. His talent and creativity are exceptional.  Check out “My Friends are the Breast” and “Thanks for your Support” posters he designed for the party. By the way, he also created the book cover for Why Buy a Wig…When You Can Buy Diamonds!

Everybody who was invited was required to wear a “ Glo Bracelet” which was waiting for each guest in a basket by the entrance. Some people got carried away, doubled them, and made necklaces out of them. It was so great to see all of us light-up together, like I did in Radiation.

Caren and Drew glowing for the night

My wonderful friend, Tina was a true life saver throughout my diagnosis, treatment and recovery. She helped turn me into a Breast Cancer Super Fox!

Randi and Tina

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