Pack a Picnic



A picnic is the quintessential essence and Shining Moment of summertime.

One of the reasons why I love picnics so much is because you can have them anywhere.  I love nothing more than throwing a blanket down in a back yard for reading, talking and noshing.

Picnics are so special because they allow us the rare opportunity to sit still for a few minutes (or hours!). When I am outside, I am so relaaaaaxed. There’s something about being outside on a blanket under a shady tree that chills me out instantaneously (Shining Moment). I have even installed a no-technology policy on a picnic blanket to eliminate any chance of distraction. Boy, was THAT a great idea!

Foods you can eat with your hands are great for picnic, which is why sandwiches and watermelon are some of my faves. I especially like wrap sandwiches because they can be sliced and shared so everyone gets to taste the variety without a lot of extra work.  Pasta, potato and bean salads are wonderful for picnics. When I have picnics away from home, I like to pack individual portions in reusable glass containers. This way, everyone gets their own share and you don’t have to worry about toting a big serving dish to your favorite picnic spot!

Do you like picnics? What makes them special to you?


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