One Chapter in Life



Yesterday, by complete happenstance, in the most unlikely of environments, I was with three remarkable women. All of whom have cancer in one form or another.  We shared our stories with deep empathy, compassion and humor.  Yes, humor.  It was comedically absurd, actually. Especially considering that we were all together this time a few years ago and had no health concerns whatsoever.

As we were talking and laughing, I found myself in awe of and inspired by these women.  None of whom is defined by their disease, but all of whom have taken cancer in their stride and learned from it. I believe each of us sees cancer as one chapter in our life. Because that is what it is.  One chapter.

We all have chapters in our life.  Some are hard to read. Others easy. Some chapters are joyous. Others sad.  The important thing is to learn, grow and keep on reading!

Words cannot describe the Shining Moment that my brief, unplanned conversation had today.  The timing was impeccable – as it always is.


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