Love and Lemons



I love lemons. In fact, I can’t get enough lemon in my water and most recipes, too. I follow lemony foods on Pinterest, love the color yellow because it makes me happy, and am always perusing blogs with lemons. Call me crazy, but it’s one of my idiosyncrasies. When I came across the Love and Lemons blog, I knew I came across something B.I.G.


The Love and Lemons blog has taken the internet foodie world by storm with its standout design and delicious recipes, attracting buzz from everyone from Ottolenghi to Saveur. Now, in her highly anticipated debut cookbook, Jeanine Donofrio celebrates seasonal and impromptu cooking with 100 all-new delicious vegetarian recipes.
Donofrio’s cooking philosophy is that simple combinations can make exceptionally delicious meals that are easy to put together. I hear ya, sister. Organized by ingredient, The Love and Lemons Cookbook will teach you to make masterpieces with what you have on hand, whether it’s three armfuls of farmers’ market arugula or two pounds of CSA radishes.
With vibrant, fresh food photography, artful graphic elements, and exceptionally stylish layouts, The Love and Lemons Cookbook caters to today’s image-orientated readers. Stunningly designed and efficiently organized, this will be both a beautiful book and a workhorse kitchen bible that you’ll find yourself using again and again.


I especially love the apple-zucchini celebration of impromptu cooking. If you are looking for a gift, check it out.

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