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Lymphedema is painful arm swelling that can result from lymph node removal. I was very fortunate because I never had lymphedema, however, I did research a few lymphedema sleeves, just in case I noticed swelling of my arm. (Please keep in mind that not everybody who undergoes lymphnode removal will develop lymphedema).

Here are some FREE products that can help:

  • Lymphedema Compression Sleeves:  The All4One Lymphedema Fund will provide one sleeve FREE of charge to low income women who have had breast cancer.  Wowza! That’s a Shining Moment! Call 508-630-2242.
  • Compression Sleeves and Gauntlets:  Crickett’s Answer for Cancer, a small non-profit founded in memory of Crickett Julius, who passed away in 2006 from metastatic breast cancer at the age of 39, provides FREE LymphDIVAs compression sleeves or gaulntlets (for the hand) for any breast cancer survivor. Check it out at and fill out the enrollment form.
  • Lymphedema Alertband:  Breast cancer survivors/patients with Lymphedema, or at risk to develop it, need to avoid having injections, blood draws, IV insertion and blood pressure readings on the affected arm.  Wearing a brightly colored band can alert medical professionals about this condition, especially when a patient is sedated or under anesthesia and cannot speak up for themselves. Peninsula Medical will send a FREE Alertband to any patient with or at risk of developing Lymphedema. Call 1-800-29-EDEMA
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  1. This is wonderful…… they can be pretty expensive……over $80.00……. And from constant wear and washing they start to look really worn……

    • randirentz says:

      Arelene, I’m so glad I was able to help you. Let me know if you were able to get a few for your collection.

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