Compliments I Never Tire of Hearing



  1. Great nail color.  Is it Dior? (It’s actually from CVS, but thanks.)
  2. You kind of look like Uma Thurman. (Thanks.  I can die happy now!)
  3. Are you a ballerina? (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I wish! I just have an outward pronation.)
  4. Man, you’re funny. (Ugh, the pressure of coming up with a clever response.)
  5. Nobody writes an email like you. (Kindest regards, talk soon.)
  6. Your condo is so clean! (Thank you! Please don’t open any of the closets.)
  7. He’s lucky to be dating you. (He is. Please stop reminding him.)
  8. Mmm…your hair smells good. (Oh, men-you are so complicated.)
  9. You look so French! (Merci beaucoup, amiright!?!)
  10.  Know what? You were right. (Never gets old).
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