Celebrity Author Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

When in Doubt, Get a Sonogram Ladies!

Photo of Judy Blume
Judy Blume writes about breast cancer: It’s non-fiction

Judy Blume had surgery for breast cancer recently, the author reveals on her blog.

In a post titled “!@#$% Happens,” the 74-year-old author of “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” and “Forever …” says she was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in June and had a mastectomy six weeks later.

“Now it’s one month post surgery — I’m still in NY and feeling stronger every day, walking a couple of miles in the park each morning and going out to early dinners with [husband] George,” she writes. “Have seen movies and a couple of plays, as you know if you follow me on Twitter. I’m able to read again without falling asleep. Which doesn’t mean I don’t need a nap every day.”

Blume says her doctors discovered her cancer after a routine sonogram. “I have to thank Dr. S, the radiologist who’s been doing my mammograms for 20 years,” she writes. “If she hadn’t decided I should have a sonogram because of dense breast tissue we still wouldn’t know. This didn’t show up in a mammo or in physical exams, and I’m checked by doctors four times a year. Even the breast surgeon couldn’t feel this one.”

She also references Margaret Simon in talking about her breast reconstruction and thanks her husband and friends who’ve fought breast cancer in the post. She also says she’s almost ready to resume work on a new book.

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