Birthday Love


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Today is my birthday. Wooo Hooo! Before breast cancer, I was never a big fan of celebrating my birthday.   It was my dirty little secret, like a confession of sorts. I always doted on my friends during their special day. I absolutely loved celebrating other people’s birthday. Mine? Not so much.

Then, I got breast cancer.

Now the weird thing is that I love getting older. Seriously. I really do love getting older and celebrating my special day. It’s not just about the age for me, it’s so much more. Being 49 + 2 rocks. Even 42, the year that I was diagnosed with breast cancer turned out to be a swinging year.  My 30s were also pretty spectacular. It worked out pretty well; don’t ya think?

I realize my birthday is truly a Birth-DAY! Geez! It sure beats the alternative. I make sure with each passing year, that I embrace change and all that accompanies it. The older I get, the more courageous I become. Who knew; right? I don’t have to prove anything to anybody and I am able to let go of old wounds. Although I am very busy, I am equally productive. Yippee!!

I am happy with my age and so grateful to celebrate another birthday.  The only thing that’s missing is a  ginormous piece of chocolate cake with lots of icing (if I do say so myself).

Happy birthday to me!

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