A Dreamy Vacation

DreamyvationImage:  momza.blogspot.com

It’s already the middle of summer. Can you believe it?  Have you had a vacation yet in 2015?

Vacations are, I believe, as important as work. So many people say, “I don’t have time for a vacation.” I’ve learned to make time for vacations, and you should, too! I always feel bad when people say this. I think, really?  Why – the f-bomb – not?

I happen to be a big fan of vacations. They are great for a whole lot of reasons.  They:

  1. Cultivate creative inspiration
  2. Promote flexible and imaginative thinking
  3. Give perspective on everyday life
  4. Improve your mental health
  5. Stave off burnout
  6. Refresh body and spirit
  7. Promote overall wellbeing
  8. Strengthen relationships
  9. Expand cultural horizons
  10. Relieve stress

A vacation doesn’t have to be three weeks on a beach with a cabana boy delivering fancy schmancy drinks all day long…though go ahead and take a minute and think about how lovely that would actually be. Sometimes I take a day-long vacation (e.g. Pajama Day)! that is just as relaxing especially if the Boyfriend of the Year (BOTY) is my cabana boy!

Recently, I’ve been looking at magazines, and boy, oh boy, am I finding  pretty drool inducing stories on summer vacations…as in the aspirational dreamy variety. Ahhhh….


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