Questions From Little People

Big Questions from Little People and Simple Answers from Great Minds



I want to share the most divine feel-good book that recently came into my life: Questions from Little People and Simple Answers from Great Minds. In this book, Gemma Elwin Harris asked thousands of primary school children between the ages of four and twelve to send her their questions and then invited some of today’s most prominent scientists, philosophers, and writers to answer them. Clever; right? This book is not only delightful but also quite educational!  The illustrations are lovely and amusing. I shared a few with my students and here are some of their favorite illustrations:

Alain de Botton explores why we have dreams


Particle physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss explains why we’re all made of stardust


Neuroscientist David Eagleman explains why we can’t tickle ourselves

ill03 I felt so warm and fuzzy after reading this book! An added bonus is that a percentage of the sales of the book are donated to Save the Children.

Hope you enjoy it as much as my students did!


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  1. Claudia Granoff says:

    This sounds awesome for my boys! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

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