Renewable Energy

illustration of five hand prints


Heaven knows I’m always looking for ways to get inspired. I realize I don’t have to get away to grab a little downtown.  I’ve learned to sneak little stress-busting breaks throughout my busy day. I like to think of them as mini staycations.

I’ve learned to get silly. When working on reports at home, paying bills or even recipe hunting, I put my task on pause and tune into a funny YouTube video.  Did you know laughter triggers a surge of feel-good endorphins, say scientists at Loma Linda University in California? A serious win-win, don’t you think?

I’ve also learned to look beyond.  When I’m doing the dishes, sorting my laundry or cleaning, I stop for a sec and steal a glance at fall foliage, the winter snow, or beautiful blooming flowers outside.  A University of Washington study found that gazing at nature can reduce anxiety and brighten mood.  In fact, even looking at a photograph of an outdoor setting is beneficial to heart and mind. Easy; right?

Try my renewable energy exercises.  You’ll come back to reality feeling refreshed.


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