Meet Tonia Farman

photo of Tonia Farman, Kiteboarding for Cancer


In 2006, Tonia Farman’s brother, Scott, then 18, found a lump in his armpit and soon learned he had leukemia.  He died 13 months later.  Tonia felt powerless and decided she had to do something. Taking action was her healing.  She was a pro kiteboarder and instructor, so she organized a fundraiser, Kiteboarding 4 Cancer, to raise money for places like Seattle Children’s Hospital, where Scott was treated. Tonia said, “Scott was a hiker and nature was his church.”  She made the event such a priority that she lost her job, but it was a success, so she kept going.  Athletes for Cancer came out of that.  They do outdoor programs for young cancer survivors with activities that build their confidence. Tonia teaches people to live and thrive again. Woohoo!! Way to go, Tonia!

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