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Maura Tierney: Actress and Breast Cancer Survivor

Photo of Maura Tierney

It’s been three years since Maura Tierney, then 44 and set to star in the NBC series Parenthood, was diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer.  Ten days after her mastectomy, the actress who spent 10 years on ER playing first a nurse, then a doctor, was advised by her oncologist that she should begin chemotherapy. Maura felt chemo was just as terrifying as the diagnosis. I agree 100%.

Today, Tierney is working to help other patients avoid such fear. As spokeswoman for Chemotherapy:  Myths or Facts (, an awareness campaign sponsored by the biotech company Amgen, she hopes to provide sound information to the 650,000 people who will undergo chemotherapy in the U.S. this year.

Before treatment, she was afraid and thought she would be completely debilitated, just a pile on the couch every single day.  As it turned out, she hiked, walked or rode her bike throughout her treatment on most days. She acknowledged that chemo was not fun and not easy, but she was able to manage it better than anticipated.

Healthy today and in better shape than ever – thanks to a new fitness regimen of swimming 40 laps a day (Wowza!!), she has joined the cast of The Good Wife as an Internet entrepreneur and bigwig Democratic donor.

I’m so happy that Maura will use her “celebrity” to debunk chemo myths!

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