Genius Air Plus Refrigerator & Refresher & Deodorizer

Photo of Genius Air Plus


During one of my sleepless nights, I decided to peruse The Home Shopping Network and QVC. Why not; right? I saw a segment on many kitchen gadgets that slice and dice and thought who would spend money on this stuff?!

Well, let me tell you I was totally drawn to one product and decided to order it. I’m really excited to share my “new find” with you. It’s called the Genius Air Plus Refrigerator Refresher & Deodorizer.

Here’s the spiel that got me! Stash it in the fridge to absorb ethylene, a gas emitted by fruit and veggies that ages them, so produce stays fresh longer. Guess what? It works! I’m saving money because I don’t have to shop for fresh stuff nearly as often. You can find it on It only costs $25! Cue to the Happy Dance!

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2 Responses to Genius Air Plus Refrigerator & Refresher & Deodorizer

  1. shirley byers says:

    we had to change the batteries in our Genius Air Plus and don’t know how to reset it. Threw away the instructions. Can you help????? thanks

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