Are you in the PINK?

Get in the PINK!

Pink Makeup Brush Kit


We all know it’s the last day of October, and the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month; however the fight is ALWAYS on. Sonia Kashuk, creator of an amazing makeup brush set feels the same way!

Sonia became active in the Breast Cancer Research Foundation  in 2006 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. (Since 1993 BCRF has raised over $330 million dollars for breast cancer research…I digress!) Anyhoo, Target and Sonia sell products every October in concurrence with breast cancer awareness month, but she believes this fight is an everyday fight, too. She is happy to offer her Proudly Pink Brush Set with 15% of proceeds going to BCRF every day, every month, all year round!

With a cause that hits so close to home, it is so important to Sonia (and me, too) to be able to contribute in any way we can.

I know many of you have been impacted by breast cancer in some way or another and I encourage you to continue to show your support in your daily lives and share with the world what you are doing to help make a difference!

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