What About White?

I am inspired by the bold colors in every magazine this season. Hot pink, tangerine, turquoise and lime are so chic. My closet is looking so colorful nowadays. But then, it slowly dawns on me… I have one color missing from my wardrobe. White. What about white?

I realize whether whisper-soft or high voltage; no color is off-limits this spring. My vibrant dresses that move from day to night are fun, fun, fun. But, what about white? While I crank up the color in my wardrobe, I’m thinking “white magic” for my wrist. What’s that you ask?

Chic, cool, and surprisingly strong, ceramic has become a go-to material for go-anywhere watches. And the shade looks equally smart with office attire or workout wear. Check out my favorite watch!

This Michele watch is so awesome, isn’t it?  It’s ceramic with diamonds and stainless steel. Check it out at Michele.com.

Now if I could magically make it appear on my wrist!!

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